Razor A3 VS Razor A2 Comparison With Expert Recommendation

Kick scooters are considered the best for balancing, controlling, and learning motor skills. Besides, these scooters can keep your kid entertained and are a better alternative to bikes. However, if you want your kid to have a blast, then you should select the best kick scooter for them.

Razor A’s line kick scooter offers some of the best scooters for kids of all ages. Most of these scooters are ideal for kids aged between 5 and 13 years. If your kid is just getting started, you can get them the Razor A or A2 scooter. But if they are more experienced and want to perform skills, then the Razor A 3 or A4 scooter will be the best choice.

In this Razor A3 VS Razor A2 comparison article, our focus will be on both of those two scooters. These scooters are meant for kids aged 5-plus years. On top of that, they are sturdily made and easy to ride. The scooters are also safe and comfortable to ride.

How does the Razor A3 compare to the Razor A2 scooter?

Nonetheless, if you’re undecided about which Razor A scooter to select, we have simplified the work for you. Continue reading to identify which Razor A kick scooter is best suited for your kid.

Construction & Design

One thing that always stands out with Razor scooters is their construction. These scooters are always well-built to withstand harsh conditions. What’s more, they are beautifully designed and very appealing to kids and adults.

The Razor A2 kick scooter is made of an aluminum frame, which is lightweight and suitable for kids. Additionally, it has urethane wheels, durable with an excellent grip. What’s more, it has foam grips and an adjustable handlebar. Furthermore, it has a vibration dampening front suspension system, rear fender brake, and a wheelie bar.

Surprisingly, the Razor A3 kick scooter also comes with most of the features found on the Razor A2 scooter. However, its wheels and handlebar height are slightly bigger.

Height and weight 

The dimensions of the Razor A2 scooter are 13-inches by 26.5-inches by 34-inches, while those of the A3 are 30-inches by 13-inches by 35.5-inches. The Razor A2 weighs 6 pounds when it comes to weight, while the Razor A3 weighs 7.02 pounds. So, the Razor A3 is relatively heavier than the Razor A2.

The fantastic news is that both of these scooters can be adjusted to suit different riders. If you’re looking for a scooter for your kid to grow old with, any of these two scooters will be a great deal.

Overall, the A2 is the better scooter for a 5-year-old, while the A3 scooter is ideal for an 8-year-old.

Difference in Wheels 

Between these two scooters, A2 has smaller wheels. Razor A2 wheels are 95 millimeters, while Razor A3 wheels are 120 millimeters. Razor A3 is faster and easier to control than Razor A2. Additionally, this implies that it’s the best for doing tricks as it has more grip. What’s more, the Razor A2 has ABEC-5 ball bearings, while Razor A3 comes with ABEC-5 high-speed ball bearing.

So, if your kid wants a faster scooter, then the A3 is the better bet. However, both of these scooters come with urethane wheels. These wheels are virtually silent and will provide a smooth ride. Moreover, they offer an excellent on-road grip and don’t slip easily.

Quality of ride

If you desire the best ride quality, you will have to opt for the Razor A3. This is because it comes with bigger wheels, which are faster and offer a smoother ride than the Razor A2.

Which one is more comfortable?  

Both of these scooters are comfortable to ride. They have foam grips and adjustable handlebars. This means that your kid can grow old with this scooter. What’s more, both of them come with a springless shock absorption system that provides the rider with a smooth ride. On the contrary, the shock absorption system on the Razor A3 is more advanced than that on the Razor A2.


As stated earlier, both of these scooters are light, meaning your kid won’t have trouble moving them from the store to the sidewalk to enjoy the ride. However, the Razor A2 is relatively lightweight, perfect for small kids.


Your kid is safe riding any of these Razor A kick scooters. This is because they both feature rear fender brake systems. So, if your kid is speeding, they can apply the rear brake slowly and not abruptly for a safe stop.

Extended Warranty

Razor provides its customers with a 6-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, if your scooter has an issue, you can rest assured that your Razor will repair it or replace the scooter for you within this period.

What are the similarities between Razor A3 and Razor A2 scooters?

The first similarity between the Razor A2 and Razor A3 is drivers’ age. Both of these scooters are suggested for kids aged 5-plus years. What’s more, these scooters have the same load capacity, which is 143 pounds. On top of that, they’re both adjustable and foldable.

These scooters also feature the same braking system, which is the rear fender brake system for added safety. Another similarity is that these Razor A2 and A3 can be ridden on wet and snowy surfaces. Last but not least, these scooters come with a 6-month warranty.

What are the differences between the Razor A3 and Razor A2 scooters?

Even though these scooters share several features, they also differ a lot. First and foremost, the Razor A2 is lighter than the Razor A3. The former weighs 6 pounds, while the latter weighs 7.02 pounds. Secondly, they come with slightly different handlebar height adjustments. What’s more, Razor A3’s wheels are more extensive as they measure 120 millimeters, while Razor A2’s wheels are only 95 millimeters.

Other differences include different color options and different designs and features. The Razor A2 has seven colors to choose from: purple, blue, black, green, clear/black, red, and red/black. On the other hand, the Razor A3 has blue, red, green, and clear.

Recommendation-Which scooter is best for my child?

Razor A2 and AA3 are both suitable for your kids. However, if your child is getting started with scooter riding, you should get the Razor A2. Apart from being smaller than the Razor A3, the Razor A2 is lighter, making it better for younger kids. But if your kid is more extensive or more experienced with kick scooters, then you can get them the Razor A3. This scooter is bigger, faster, and ideal for performing different tricks.


Razor A2 and Razor A3 kick scooters are some of the best scooters for kids. These scooters are easy to use, light, safe, comfortable, and convenient. However, the Razor A2 scooter is better suited for entry-level riders, while the Razor A3 scooter is ideal for more experienced riders.


What are some of the benefits of kick scooters?

A kick scooter has several benefits. Some include knowing how to balance, developing motor skills, learning how to coordinate, muscle development, stability, easy recovery, and increasing muscular endurance. So, riding a kick scooter for at least 30 minutes a day is very important whether you’re a kid or an adult. It can also promote good mental wellbeing and burn body fats in adults.

Which scooter is ideal for a toddler– Razor A or Razor A4 scooter?

Both of these scooters are excellent for kids, but the Razor A4 scooter is suitable for bigger kids, while toddlers and bigger kids can use the Razor A scooter. It is lighter, thus, making it easier to carry than the Razor A3.

Do I have to assemble Razor A kick scooters?

No, you don’t need to assemble the Razor A3 or A2 scooter. Both of these scooters come ready to ride out of the box. Hence, you don’t have to waste hours trying to set up the scooter, as your kid can start enjoying the ride the moment the scooter arrives.

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