Razor A5 DLX lightweight Scooter Review In 2022

Since its launch in 2000, Razor has been creating some of the best and most reliable scooters on the market. The brand is famous for its lightweight and durable kick scooters, but they make all types of scooters.

The Razor A kick scooter line has all types of kick scooters for kids of all ages and even adults. So, if your kid is tall or wants a kick scooter that you can use with your kid, look no further than our Razor A5 DLX kick scooter review article.

Like other Razor A-line kick scooters, the Razor A5 DLX is robustly constructed with a lightweight design. However, it has slightly large wheels, and the frame is more durable. Also, it has a somewhat larger deck, which is perfect for taller kids or young adults.

What makes the Razor ADLX scooter stand out?

Let’s find out more about this exceptional kick scooter from Razor without much ado.

Durable construction 

Razor doesn’t take its scooters for granted. That’s why they use top-quality materials to make their scooters. The Razor A5 DLX kick scooter is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, which is sturdy but lightweight. On top of that, it has 200mm wheels with ABEC-5 high-speed bearings.

On the other hand, the deck is also made from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, which is solid and durable. So, this is a robust and reliable scooter that should last for several years.

Large 200mm urethane wheels

The large wheels on the Razor A5 DLX scooter not only make it look elegant but as well as make it go faster. With a diameter of 8-inches, the two polyurethane wheels will ensure your ride is smooth and easy on most surfaces. No maintenance is needed, unlike inflatable wheels.

Foldable and adjustable 

Having a scooter that folds has several advantages. For instance, you can fold it and place it in your car trunk without taking up much space. Also, this makes transportation easier as it can be mixed up with other items if you’re going far and need it.

And with its adjustable height, your kid can use this scooter for a very long while. Moreover, you can adjust the scooter to the height you prefer so that you can use it with your 8-year-old kid. However, you shouldn’t weigh over 220 pounds as that’s the maximum weight it can hold.

Spring-less shock system 

A unique feature of the Razor A5 DLX is the spring-less shock system. When running over a bumpy or uneven surface, this system will absorb shock, thus ensuring the rider has a smooth ride all the way.

Rear fender brake 

As your kid learns how to ride a scooter, they will try to over-speed. To ensure their safety, Razor has included a rear brake fender on this kick scooter so that they can apply it when they want to stop. Note that this brake works effectively even on a slope.


Scooters get damaged when they are placed on the surface or wall. But with the Razor A5 DLX scooter, you don’t have to worry about this. Thanks to the kickstand, which allows the rider to park the scooter upright. Therefore, this scooter may last longer as it’s less exposed to rough surfaces and walls.

No assembly required 

The best thing about the Razor A5 DLX kick scooter is that you don’t need to assemble anything before allowing your kid to ride the scooter. It comes pre-assembled, and you will have to tighten the bolts and unfold them before riding it.

Larger deck

The deck of a scooter is vital as it’s where the rider places his leg (s). And since the Razor A5 DLX is built for taller people, the large deck can accommodate them well. The Razor A5 DLX’s deck is made from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and measures 20.9-inches in length. Note that the deck won’t rust or break as it is made from durable aluminum material.

Comfortable foam grips 

The Razor A5 DLX scooter boasts a taller handlebar with extremely spongy grips. Yes, the grips are very spongy, making the scooter very comfortable. Nonetheless, not all people love the extra sponginess, as some may prefer grips with less sponge.

Anti-rattle technology 

The anti-rattle technology is the most recent technology that Razor has added to the Razor A5 DLX kick scooter. This technology cannot even be found on the Razor A5 LUX scooter. It works by making the handlebar and deck rattle-free when riding your scooter. Hence, it leads to a comfortable ride compared to other Razor scooters.

180-day warranty 

Not only do customers have trust in Razor, but Razor also believes in their products. That’s why they provide warranties on all of their kick scooters. The Razor A5 DLX comes with a 1-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee. This is better than even the warranties given to the Razor A3 and A4 kick scooters.

Who should ride the Razor A5 DLX scooter?

The manufacturer recommends kids aged 8-plus years to ride the Razor A5 DLX scooter. Also, people who weigh 220 pounds or less can ride this scooter. This implies that this scooter is suitable for both kids and adults. Nevertheless, it is vital to check whether you’re of the correct height as very tall or short people may not enjoy riding this scooter.

Short Key Feature Review of Razor A5 DLX Scooter

  • Robust construction
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Lovely design that kids will love
  • It has large wheels for a smooth and faster ride
  • The handlebar grip is comfortable for easy controlling of the scooter
  • It has a kickstand to avoid damaging the scooter while parked
  • The large deck can serve both kids and young adults
  • The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty

Negative Review From Users:

  • It is somewhat expensive
  • Not suitable for kids below the seven years
  • Not all people love the spongy handlebar


If you’re looking for an excellent entry-level pro kick scooter, the Razor A5 DLX is a superb scooter to start with. Thanks to its sturdy construction, beautiful design, lightweight, foldable & adjustable design, safety, and ease of use. Besides, all parts can be replaced, unlike most scooter brands on the market.

Since the Razor A5 DLX kick scooter comes with large wheels, it is much faster and easier to control than scooters with smaller wheels. Even though this scooter is well built, not all people will love the spongy feel. Moreover, it is pretty expensive but worth every coin spent on it.


What are the differences between the Razor A5 Lux and DLX scooters?

Most people confuse between the Razor A5 Lux and DLX. Yes, these two scooters are from the A5 line, but they are different. First and foremost, Razor A5 DLX is more advanced than the Razor A5 LUX scooter. On top of that, it is also larger and heavier than the A5 LUX. So, it’s more stable and safer to ride.

Nonetheless, the Razor A5 LUX comes with an anti-rattle technology, while the Razor A5 DLX doesn’t have such technology.

Is Razor a good scooter brand?

Yes, Razor is one of the top scooter brands on the market. The brand is famous for making some of the best and most stylish kick scooters on the market. On top of that, their scooters are reliable and well-built to last long. Above all, their scooters are very trustworthy and come with warranties.

What are the differences between the Razor A5 and A6 kick scooters?

The Razor A5 scooter is relatively lighter than the Razor A6 scooter. The Razor A5 weighs 8.8 pounds, while the Razor A6 weighs 10.93 pounds. Additionally, it comes with a smaller deck compared to A6. Its deck has a length of 20.9-inches, while that of the Razor A6 is 22.6-inches.

On the contrary, the Razor A6 scooter comes with 10-inch large wheels, making it faster and best suited for adults than the Razor A5. However, the Razor A5 comes with an anti-rattle technology, which cannot be found on the Razor A6 kick scooter.

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