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Razor E100 Review-Will the Scooter Be a Good Choice For Your Kids?




The Razor E100 electric scooter is amongst the best electric scooters on the market. Made by one of the top scooter brands, the Razor E100 is worth the money as it comes with high-quality features and it’s easy to use. So, your kids shouldn’t have difficulty learning how to drive an electric scooter. But is it the best suit for adults? To find out the answer, read this Razor E100 review article to the end.

Besides, the Razor E100 electric scooter is fast and powerful. Hence, your kid will be happy to ride on it as they learn how to balance and steer an electric scooter. However, this scooter is not built for toddlers as it’s meant for kids aged eight-plus years.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review in 2022

What features make the Razor Power E100 scooter stand out? Let’s find out more concerning its features, pros, and cons without much ado.

Durable construction 

One of the most outstanding attributes about the Razor scooters is that they are durably constructed. The Razor Power Core E100 electric scooter is not an exception. Built from an aluminum deck and all-steel frame, this is a very sturdy scooter that will stand the test of time. Moreover, it has durable wheels that will thrive on different surfaces and allow your kid to enjoy the ride.

If you desire an electric scooter that will last longer, the Razor E100 is well-built for such a purpose. Your kid will love it.

Powerful motor 

Razor Power Core E100 electric scooter comes with a 100-watt, high-torque hub motor without any alignment, belt, or chain. So, it is maintenance-free. Together with the rechargeable 24V sealed lead-acid battery, these two ensure that the scooter covers up to 11 miles and runs at a top speed of 11 mph.

Easy to assemble

Setting up this electric scooter is fast and straightforward. Simply follow the guidelines provided in the manual, and your kid will start to enjoy his ride in no time. Additionally, you will be required to charge the scooter for 24 hours before using it.

Outstanding stability and traction 

Razor strives to make high-quality, reliable, and safe scooters. That’s why many people have a lot of trust in them. Like most Razor scooters, the E100 is also well constructed as it has a large deck to offer stability and large front and rear wheels to provide excellent traction.

In the front, the scooter has an 8-inch pneumatic wheel and a 6-inch rubber wheel at the rear. The front-wheel allows the scooter to easily glide on different surfaces, while the flat-free tire at the back provides increased traction.

What is the range of the Razor E100 electric scooter?

Most electric scooters on the market lack range. That’s not the case with Razor electric scooters. The Razor Power Core E100 is fitted with a powerful motor and battery to cover up to 11 miles or run for 60 minutes. However, if you go faster, the scooter may only last up to 40 minutes. Still, this is better than most electric scooters, which have even a shorter range.


Your kid will not only enjoy a fast scooter, but they will also feel comfortable doing so. The large deck and foam grip handlebar make riding the scooter fun. What’s more, it comes with pneumatic front wheels that can easily cruise on different terrains, such as grass, gravel, and pavement. So, the rider won’t feel the harsh surface as they enjoy the ride.


Weighing about 24.89 pounds, the Razor E100 electric scooter is a light unit that your 8-year-old son won’t have a hard time lifting from one sidewalk to another. Additionally, storage won’t be a problem as they can lift it from the store to the pavement with a lot of ease. However, the handlebar is not foldable, which can be a challenge keeping it in a cramped store.

Is the Razor E100 scooter safe to ride?

Safety is among the most critical attributes to look for when buying an electric scooter. Most of them are faster than kick scooters, meaning they are harder to control. So, if safety is vital for you, the Razor E100 electric scooter is an excellent option.

This scooter comes with hand, operated front brakes that are easy to use and apply. As a result, your kid shouldn’t have a problem stopping the scooter while speeding or in danger.

Inexpensive Price 

The Razor E100 may be costlier than the Razor E90, but it’s worth every single penny. Not only is this scooter easy to ride, but it’s also sturdily constructed to last. On top of that, it is safe and very comfortable. So, if you want to make a wise investment and make your kid happy, this is an excellent scooter to purchase.

How do I operate the Razor E100 Scooter?

Operating the Razor E100 scooter is very easy. First and foremost, your kid will have to identify the power button, which is located on the lefthand side of the scooter. Next, they will have to kick start the scooter and turn it on. Within a few seconds, your kid will start enjoying the ride.

Note that the location of the power button on the Razor E100 scooter makes it easy to operate. Most electric scooter brands complicate things by making the power button do more than one function, which can confuse some kids.

Which age group should ride the Razor E100 scooter?

Like the Razor E90 electric scooter, this scooter is also meant for kids aged over 8-years. So, if your kid is below eight years, this is not the scooter for them.

Key Features:

  • It is sturdily constructed to last
  • It is straightforward to operate
  • The scooter is very affordable
  • It has a high load capacity
  • It is speedy
  • This scooter is light and portable for quick carry and storage


  • It has low clearance, which limits where you can ride the scooter
  • It doesn’t come with a horn or even lights
  • The scooter lacks suspension

Final Overview

Generally, the Razor Power Core E100 electric scooter is a great scooter that will bring joy and fun to your kid’s life. This scooter is durable, powerful, fast, and fun to drive. It is as well as safe and easy to use.

However, like most electric scooters, this unit doesn’t hold a charge for long as it only lasts up to 60 minutes. What’s more, it has a range of 11 miles, which is good but not great. And with a charge time of about 12 hours, your kid may have to wait for long before using the scooter.

To sum up the Razor E100 review, the scooter is affordable and operates smoothly. It is also straightforward to assemble and very safe to ride. Nonetheless, it should only be used by kids aged over eight years.

FAQs Related to Razor E100 Scooter

After how long will I be required to replace the battery on the Razor E100?

The Razor E100 is equipped with a 24-volt lead-acid battery. This battery is located in the deck and takes up to 12 hours to fully charge. However, you should watch out and avoid overcharging the battery. If you use the scooter regularly, expect it to last around six months. Nonetheless, replacing the battery is straightforward. Just follow the manual for proper battery replacement.

How fast is the Razor E100 Glow electric scooter?

Surprisingly, the Razor E100 electric scooter is faster than the Razor E90 electric scooter. Unlike the E90 scooter that offers a maximum speed of 10 mph, this unit goes further by offering up to 11mph. Therefore, it is one of the fastest electric scooters that you can lay your hands on.

What age is the Razor E100 scooter for?

The Razor Power Core scooter is best suited for older kids and teenagers like most electric scooters. The manufacturer recommends kids aged between 8 and 13 years. So, if your kid is below or over this age bracket, you shouldn’t buy them this scooter.

Can an adult ride the Razor E100?

No, an adult cannot ride the Razor E100. This is because this scooter will be too small for them and risky. The Razor Power Core E100 is made for kids aged 8 and 13 years. Besides, the Razor E100 scooter has a maximum rider weight of 120 pounds, while an average adult weighs about 136.7 pounds. So, they will outweigh this scooter and spoil it within minutes.


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