Razor e90 VS e100 Comparison- Which Scooter is Better For Kids?

Razor is one of the top scooter brands on the market. Besides, they offer different types of scooters with top-notch features. Some of the most popular Razor scooters are the Razor e90 and e100. So if you’re undecided which scooter to select between the Razor e90 and e100, then you’re in the right place. Continue reading this Razor e90 VS e100 comparison article to find out which scooter is the best for your kid.

Comparison In Short:

Razor e90 Power Core Scooter: Affordable, Lightweight, and Cover Long Distance

Razor e100 Scooter: Fast, Comfortable, and Safe

How does the Razor e90 compare to Razor e100?

Both Razor e90 and e100 power core scooters come with high-quality features that place them above their competitors. These scooters are sturdily made, fast, comfortable, run for an extended time, and are affordable. But which scooter is better between these two. To determine, let’s check the features differences-


One thing that stands out from Razor scooters is their sturdy construction. These two scooters are made of a lightweight, all-steel frame and fork. Additionally, they have an aluminum deck, which is wide enough for your 8-year-old kid to ride the scooter smoothly as they perfect their skill.

What’s more, both scooters come with comfortable handlebar grips and a non-adjustable frame. Other notable features include kick-to-start, high torque hub motor, and powerful sealed lead-acid battery system. With such excellent construction, these two scooters will last for a long while.

Winner: It’s a tie. Both are durably constructed and have a similar lifespan.

Motor and battery 

As stated above, the Razor e90 and e100 both come with a kick-to-start, high torque hub motor. Nonetheless, the motors vary as the motor in e100 is more potent than the e90. The Razor e100 comes with a 100-watt motor, while the e90 comes with a 90-watt motor.

Furthermore, even though both scooters have a sealed lead-acid battery system, the battery in the e100 is more potent than the battery in the e90. This is because Razor e100 is powered by a 24V rechargeable, lead-acid battery system, while the e90 is powered by a 12V sealed, lead-acid battery system.

Our Findings: So, in terms of power delivered, the e100 has more power than the e90. Nonetheless, this means that it will take more time to charge the lead-acid battery in the e100 compared to e90. It takes between 8 and 12 hours to charge Razor’s sealed, lead-acid battery fully.

Ease of assembly

Setting up some scooters can be very challenging. However, the Razor e90 and e100 are very simple to set up. You will only have to fix the frame, and your kid can start enjoying his new ride. This can be done in a short period instead of some scooters that take several minutes to hours to set up.

Winner: It’s a tie again. Whether you’re setting up the Razor e90 or e100, you will do so quickly and swiftly.

Size and Weight Comparison

The size and weight of the scooter are significant for the rider. If you’re buying a scooter for your kid, it is vital to ensure that it is of the correct size. If the scooter is too small, they will have difficulty riding it. And if the scooter is too big, it won’t be very safe for them.

All in all, the Razor e90 scooter is lighter than the e100 scooter. It weighs 21.62 pounds, while the latter weighs 24.89 pounds. Surprisingly, both of these scooters have a maximum rider weight of 120 pounds.

Razor e100 VS e90- The Winner: I would go with the Razor E100 scooter. Despite the e100 being heavier, it is a few inches shorter than the e90. On the contrary, it has more extended width and length.

Stability and traction

If your kid desires to become a professional scooter rider, it’s crucial to select a scooter with excellent traction and stability. Yes, both of these scooters have a large deck and are very stable, but the Razor e100 has a slight edge over the Razor e90.

Thanks to the wheels that the Razor e100 comes with. This unit comes with an 8-inch pneumatic front wheel and a 6-inch rubber rear wheel. On the other hand, the Razor e90 is fitted with a spoked urethane front wheel and a rubber rear wheel.

Because of the types of wheels, these scooters come with, the e100 offers better traction and stability than the e90. This is because the front pneumatic wheel can cruise smoothly on any surface, while the urethane front wheel on the e90 cannot.

My Opinion: When it comes to stability and traction, the Razor e100 takes the day.

Difference in Range 

The Razor e100 comes with a more powerful battery than the Razor e90. However, since the e100 is faster than the e90, it uses more power. As a result, the e90 has a better range than the e100 scooter. Depending on how you ride, the e90 can last for 80 minutes, but the e100 can only last up to 60 minutes. But when rode faster, the e100 will only last up to 40 minutes.

Our Suggestion: This time Razor E90 power core scooter is the winner.

Recommended age 

The manufacturer recommends that these scooters be ridden by kids aged eight years and above. So, if your kid is eight years or below, you should consider getting them another scooter. However, the e100 requires an even bigger kid with more experience. This is because it’s much faster and riskier to ride than the e90.

Safety Feature for Kids

Both of these scooters are safe. Thanks to the hand-operated front brakes that they come with. As a result, your kids will be safe as they can easily apply the hand brakes when they come across an obstacle or are required to use emergency braking.

Our Finding: Both scooters are safe to ride.

Price Difference  

As expected, the Razor e100 is slightly costlier than the Razor e90. This is because it comes with a more powerful motor, a more powerful battery, and faster. So, if you want to pay more for these additional features, you should consider getting the Razor e100.

What are the main similarities between Razor e90 and e100?

Choosing between the Razor e90 and e100 scooters can be a daunting task. This is because both of these scooters share a lot of features that can make buyers be confused. These two scooters share several components: an all-steel frame & fork, kick start in-hub motor, hand-operated front brake, and built for kids aged eight years and above.

Razor e90 VS e100: Key Differences at a Glance

The main difference between these two excellent Razor scooters is that the e100 is faster and costlier than the e90, while the e90 is lighter with a better range than the e100. So, if you’re willing to spend to get a faster and more comfortable scooter, then the e100 is the scooter for you. But if you want an excellent scooter at an affordable cost, then the e90 is the ideal choice.

Power Core Razor e90 or e100? Our Final Recommendation

Razor e90 and Razor e100 are two exceptional scooters that will help your kid to improve his scooter riding skills. These scooters are well built, fast, and easy to ride. Nonetheless, they differ in price and performance. So, before you pick any of these two scooters, it is essential to know what you’re looking for.

The Razor e90 is a beautiful scooter for parents who desire a lighter and affordable scooter. On top of that, it provides longer runtime than the e100. On the contrary, the e100 is faster and more comfortable. However, it is slightly expensive and heavier than the Razor e90.

Overall, these Razor scooters are outstanding, and it depends on what you want for your kid or your budget.


Which one is better – Razor e90 or e100?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a more comfortable and faster ride, the Razor e100 is the best option for you. But if you want a long-range and a lighter scooter, then the e90 is the better choice. Besides, the e90 is also cheaper than the e100, although they share similar features.

Razor e100 or e90- Which scooter is faster?

Even though these Razor scooters are fast, the Razor e100 is slightly quicker. With a maximum speed of 11mph, the Razor e100 is faster than the Razor e90. Nonetheless, the Razor e90 is also faster as it has a top speed of 10 mph, which is one of the best.

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