Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

Checking your oil and changing it is a fast and easy procedure that any person can perform or take the car to a professional mechanic for inspection.  For your car to operate smoothly, you need lubricating oil. Good and clean oil betters the performance of your car and extends the life of the engine. But despite having this knowledge, many motorists delay changing the oil which may lead to various issues. Oil increases your car’s performance by lubricating components and keeping the engine clean and healthy. After a long period of use, the fluid breaks down and finds it hard to perform duties. The moment this starts, your vehicle will probably show some signs as follows:

Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change immediately

If the car is considered a human body, then engine oil is its blood. It lubricates engine components and reduces friction between engine parts by flowing through these running engine parts.  So it prevents overheating by absorbing friction heat. Delay in changing the oil might reduce your engine’s lifespan and minimize the vehicle’s mileage. So below, I try to figure out some noticeable signs to inform you that the car needs an oil change.Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

Slow acceleration

When the engine is properly lubricated, it functions smoothly without any issues. But when the oil inside becomes old and dirty, it can’t lubricate the moving components, and also, this might make the engine not perform well. Thus, this implies that acceleration can turn out to be slow, and the engine will feel down on power.

The car made a ticking noise when it started.

When the engine begins to function, it pumps oil throughout the crankcase and cylinder heads, and after some time, the fresh oil turns dirty and contaminated from heat and wear and tear. Dirty oil is normally sluggish and hence very hard to move. This implies that you may hear some valve train noise in the form of ticking at startup. This is due to the dirty oil taking a long time to circulate through the engine so that it can lubricate the moving valve train.

The engine makes a knocking noise

If the engine is knocking, it might be because of bad oil, which, if left for a long, can result in worn rod bearings. The knocking noise will sound like a rock tumbler in the deep depths of the engine, and it will usually shake the car at idle and be louder as the engine speed rises.

Car idle is rough

Also, a rough idle can mean that your car needs an oil change. This makes the car shake more than usual. This is because there is an increase in friction between the pistons, bearings, and bearings.

The oil service light comes on.

When the light comes on, you won’t want to ignore this, as it usually implies that your oil pressure has dropped far too low for the engine to function well. What you need to do immediately is to change the oil.

Dark and dirty oil

Clean oil is amber in color and just slightly translucent. Since the oil is utilized, it becomes filled with particles gathered from the engine, and it turns darker. When this takes place, it’s not obvious, so you should check your engine oil at least every month. To perform this, remove the dipstick and wipe it off before returning it to the oil tank. If you aren’t able to see the dipstick through the oil, after putting it in the second time, you should change your car oil.dirty car oil

Besides the above symptoms, I have listed some more eye-catching signs which indicate that the car needs an oil change instantly.

  • You will start overheating because the friction between engine parts increases. So you might get a burnt oil smell while driving your vehicle.
  • Burnt oil produce grey or black smoke from your exhaust pipe, which is harmful to our environment.
  • You might face problems while starting your vehicle.
  • Drain your car engine oil If you notice an oil leak from the oil plug, Head gasket, or Oil filter.
  • Check Your Mileage Sticker because old engine oil can boost your gas consumption and reduces mileage.
  •  Check the warning indicator light if your car has installed sensors on your car’s dashboard.
  • If your vehicle is not automatic, you might experience some lagging while shifting the gears.


Changing engine oil is an easy task, but it can increase your engine life span and boost your vehicle’s mileage. Always ensure that you check your oil monthly. This will ensure that your car runs smoothly, and it will prevent the engine from extreme wear and tear. Thus, you should replace the engine oil if you notice the above signs.

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