Comparison Between Single Din VS Double DIN in 2024

The two stereo systems available are single DIN and double DIN units. If you have a single DIN car, you have no choice but to install a single DIN unit. But if your car was created with a double DIN unit, then you have the choice of setting up either a 1 DIN or 2 DIN Car stereo. These two have their own differences from which a person can use to choose a DIN unit of their choice. A DIN is the standard measurement space size for car stereo at vehicle faceplate. So in this article, we will try to compare single DIN VS double DIN units with in-depth feature details.

Single Din VS Double DIN

If you want to upgrade your car’s stereo entertainment system but cannot decide between single DIN and double DIN, then you have landed in the right place. DIN is used as a technical standard internationally by all the car stereo manufacturers around the globe. A single DIN offers limited options with an easy stereo installation system, while a double DIN would give more accessibility and flexibility rather than a single  DIN car. They are also different in size and connectivity. So below, I have compared their features and functionality, which would help you in making the right decision before buying your next stereo system.


To start with, a single DIN unit comes with lesser features when compared to a double DIN unit. So, if you want a stereo system that offers you more fun, then a 2 DIN unit is the best option. In addition, they vary in length as a 2 DIN system is larger than the 1 Din car system. Usually, the range of a double DIN system is 7 x 4 inches. The single DIN is smaller than this.


Furthermore, the double DIN has excellent features such as touch screen displays that makes using the car stereo system to be very easy to use and convenient. Most of them have a phone integration system that enables you to make and receive calls from the stereo. All you need to do is to link it with your phone, and you can listen to music and even manage your playlist. It has an app that you have to install on your phone and easily control it from there. These and many other features make the double din car stereo to be extremely user-friendly.

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Other double din systems come with a camera option and allow phone charging. But when it comes to the power of the car stereos system, this relies heavily on the type of speaker as well as the brand of the double din or single din unit. A quality unit may be more powerful with additional features as compared to low-quality brands.

Space and Cost

A double DIN stereo system is more costly than a single DIN. Installing a single din unit in a double din unit leaves you some space to set up other devices or store other things. On the contrary, a single din unit is less costly than a double din unit. But the double din car stereo system has touchscreen options that make using it to be easy and fast even when driving.

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One of the major differences is if your car has a 2 din unit, you will have the chance of either installing a 1 din or 2 din unit in your car. Also, Double DIN offers plenty of advanced features, including App connect, Camera, and a wide touch screen. So if you slightly increase your budget, a double DIN would be an ideal stereo system for you.


In summary, a single din unit is cheaper than a double din unit. But a double din unit is more effective and comes with additional features that make using it to be easy and fast. Pick a unit that is compatible with your car for easy installation and for greater performance. So I hope all the above information would help you while deciding between single DIN vs double DIN as your new car’s stereo system.

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