Steering Wheel Shakes at High Speed

If you’ve driven a car and felt it vibrating so much that you almost lost control on the road, then your car might be having an issue. Car issues are usually manifested in the steering wheel. Many car parts need to be replaced after some time as they get to wear out. So, in case anything is out of balance, say the tire, wheel, or the braking system, these issues will manifest themselves in the steering wheel which might shake or vibrate. Some of the main causes of steering wheel shake at a high speed are as follows:

The tires

First and foremost, the part of the vehicle to inspect when your steering wheel vibrates is the tires. This is because the steering wheel is applied to direct wheels. If you have tires that are not balanced and drive at a high speed, you may start to feel steering wheel shakes. To correct this issue, you should check for uneven tires and in the case of large tires, proper inflammation is needed. If you aren’t able to correct this issue, then you should visit a mechanic to help you out.


The second thing to look at when you notice that your steering wheel is vibrating is the wheels. After checking the tires and finding out that they’ve no issue, you should look at the wheels. Wheels are the centerpiece of all tires. Start by inspecting the wheel bearings. This is because wheel bearings can at times get worn out or be damaged. This in turn can lead to the steering wheel vibrating or shaking when being droved at a high speed.  This can be corrected through repair by a mechanic.


One of the vital parts of the car is its brakes. When brakes fail to work, this might be a matter of life and death. That’s why it’s important to ensure the car has a working braking system in place. When driving at high speed and you realize that the steering wheel is shaking when you apply brakes, you should stop immediately or look for a mechanic. The shaking of the steering wheel may mean that your car’s rotors are worn out and need replacement. In addition, the brake caliper can as well be responsible for steering vibrations. But this normally happens in older cars.


When your engine has issues, it might end up causing the whole car to shake. The first part of the vehicle to experience this is the steering wheel. Problems such as fuel delivery, air induction and spark-connected issues can cause the car from running normally which might cause the car to vibrate from the engine compartment. This happens once in a while.


For a person who has been involved in a car accident and notices vibrations on different parts of the car with the steering wheel included, he or she should check the axle. The axle can be damaged or bent during an accident and when the car is being driven at a high speed, this might lead to vibration of the steering wheel and other parts of the car. Take the car to a mechanic to help you repair the axle for smooth running.


Motorists know the importance of maintaining their cars throughout. Cars develop issues that need quick attention so that they can still offer the best performance on the road. If the steering of your car shakes or vibrates at high speed, then you should quickly diagnose the issue before it leads to an accident or a more vigorous issue. In most cases, the steering wheel shakes as a result of the tire, wheel, and braking issues. Take the car to a mechanic in case you notice that the steering wheel of your car is vibrating.

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