What Does it Mean When Your Engine Light is on

One of the most disgusting conditions that drivers hate seeing is the engine light. Maybe you’re driving and heading to a distant place, you’ll be forced to visit your mechanic before you proceed. When the engine light is on, this can mean a number of things that should be tackled immediately to avoid any danger as you drive your vehicle. If you have a diagnostic scanner with you, identifying the issue can be easy by reading the trouble this tool provides you. Below are some of the common issues that your car may need attention when you see the yellow light indicator.

  • A loose, damaged, or faulty gas cap

One of the first things to suspect is a gas cap. A loose, faulty, or damaged gas cap can cause the engine light to turn on. When the engine light is in bad shape, it leaks fuel vapor and can throw the entire fuel system off. This in return leads to a reduction in gas mileage and raises emissions. This can be rectified by checking the gas cap, if it can be repaired, fix it, but if not, replace it with a new one.

  • A catalytic converter that needs replacement

A catalytic converter functions by reducing exhaust gases. It changes carbon monoxide and other dangerous materials into harmless compounds. When it’s the catalytic converter that isn’t working well, you will notice a decrease in gas mileage or your vehicle won’t move any faster when you press the gas. A poor catalytic convertor may stop the car from running and if you realize that it’s worn out, you should replace it with a new one instantly even though it is usually costly.

  • The oxygen sensor requires replacement

This is a vital part of your car. This is because it monitors the unburned fuel oxygen from the exhaust. In short, it assists how much fuel is burned. When the sensor is damaged it won’t give the ideal information to the computer and leads to a decrease in gas mileage. A good number of vehicles on the market come with two, three, or four oxygen sensors and the code you acquire from the code reader will indicate to you which one requires fixing. Take your car to a mechanic if you discover such an issue and replace it with a new one.

  • Replace wires and spark plugs

Spark plugs are vital because they seal the combustion chamber and offer a gab for a spark to jump across and start combustion in your car engine. So, when the plugs fail, the spark plugs misfire. This will make you feel a little jolt in your vehicle’s acceleration when it occurs. This is a bit cheaper than other parts and it can be replaced instantly.

  • Replace mass airflow sensor

If you have a mass airflow sensor that is damaged, it can lead to increased emissions, decrease mileage and cause the vehicle to stall. This is because the airflow sensor shows the vehicle’s computer to add the ideal amount of fuel based on the air coming through the engine. These are damaged because of poor installation but can as well be replaced by buying a new one and replacing it.


When the engine light comes on your dashboard as you drive, you shouldn’t panic at all but instead, visit a mechanic to detect what the issue might be. But if you have a diagnostic code reader, you can identify the issue and reduce the total cost of what a professional mechanic may have charged you in the long run. The problems that we’ve discussed are some of the most common ones.

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