What is Car Detailing? (Is it worth the price?)

Car enthusiasts understand the importance of keeping their cars clean all the time. A poorly maintained car has a lot of disadvantages, such as it can lead to poor health and low resale value if the need arises. In America, car washing has been a tradition, but at the moment, most of the cars are getting what is referred to as care detailing or auto detailing. If you want your car to look sparkling clean and just like a new one, then you need to perform car detailing. Instead of using soapy water and a rag to clean your car or to vacuum it inside, you can decide to pay attention to the small details of your car to make it appear sparkling clean.

In short, we can define car detailing or auto detailing to be a process where the car is meticulously cleaned, polished, and protected on the entire car from top to down, inside and outside, utilizing particular types of equipment and products that would not usually be applied by your normal vehicle cleaner. This is done to restore the paintwork by getting rid of swirl marks and scratches to make the car appear like a brand new one.

What is Car Detailing?

There are professional auto detailers from almost every corner. To get their services, you will be required to pay, but you can also carry out car detailing at home and save these huge fees. But as long as you have the right supplies and types of equipment to-do-so, you can car detail your car easily.


It is important if you start cleaning the car from the inside and then to the exterior. This is done in order to avoid messing with the outside after cleaning it. Many people pay attention to the interior of the car as dirt, and other items stay here for long before being got rid of. Some of the areas you should clean are as follows:

  • Carpets – start by vacuuming the carpets vigorously, then get rid of stains using a stain remover and a brush. For the carpets, clean them with a stiff brush and put them outside to dry very well.
  • Door jambs – open the car door and wipe the metal and plastic sections with a soapy solution. Dry them very well, and apply your smaller tools to get rid of any tougher spots or stains in the area.
  • Upholstery – vacuum the seats and get rid of stains with a stain remover and a brush. Also, allow the seats to dry totally by leaving the car doors open.
  • Steering wheel column – apply a soapy solution to get rid of stains and dust from it. Dry it well, then apply a surface protectant to the whole surface.
  • Dashboard – dampen a cloth or clean rag with a cleaning solution and then carefully clean around the buttons and knobs.
  • Center console – apply your detailing types of equipment to ensure that every seam and indentation in the console is excellently cleaned free and of schmutz. Then, dry with a clean cloth.
  • Windows – apply a glass cleaner or soapy solution to make the interior of your windows shine. There is no need to worry about the interior at this point.


  • Set types of equipment for cleaning ready – to efficiently clean the exterior, you need to have the right tools with you. These include: two buckets, brush, recommended cleaning solutions, pressure hose, stiff brush, several rags, and cotton cloth, among other items.
  • Wheels – begin by cleaning your wheels as they are the dirtiest part of your car. Avoid using soapy detergents as they are not very effective.
  • Clean from top to downpour clean water in one bucket and soapy water in another for thorough cleaning of the car. Start by cleaning from the top to down. Utilize smaller tools and brushes on areas that require more attention, such as on the headlights and side mirrors.
  • Dry the car – after cleaning the entire car, dry it using a cloth. For hard-to-reach areas, use tools to dry them well.
  • Wax the car and give the window a shine – you can finish off by waxing the car to give it excellent protection from sunlight so that the paint doesn’t fade away easily. If there are remains of wax deposits on the car, you can use a small brush. Get rid of streaks and drips from the window to give them a great shine.

Why is Car Detailing Essential?

Car detailing is important if you want to protect your car’s interior paint from natural harmful elements. It also high your car’s resale value by preserving the original look and maximizes the vehicle’s lifespan. Regular detailing is a sign that you have taken good care of your vehicle, which seems more attractive to its buyers. There are some reasons why you should do your car detailing today-

  • Increase the resale value: Most car owners want to take good care of their vehicles because you have to invest a lot to buy a new one. So car detailing can bring your car back in new shiny condition.
  • Cost-effective: Regular car detailing can save your maintenance cost, and a well-maintained detailed car always has better resale value. You also experience a nice fragrance inside your car.
  • Protection: It helps to remove all the dust and other harmful particles which are hazardous for windows, mirrors, and windshield. So Car detailing helps riders to avoid accidents by showing better visuals.

Car Detailing Cost

The detailing cost depends on the vehicle’s sizes and models. Also, different states have different detailing charges. Basic car detailing service would cost around 50$-120$ that offers a wash, interior vacuuming, window wash, interior polish, and tire cleaning. Large-sized vehicles like trucks, buses, or vans need an upgraded package that would cost around 75$-180$. Less frequent detailing would cost you a good amount of money. So detailed your car regularly.


From the above, it’s very clear that car detailing is different from car washing as it involves more vigorous and attentive cleaning of the inside and outside of a car. So regular detailing and cleaning are the best way to protect your investment and minimize your cost.

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