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When To Get an Alignment For Your Car?




It is easier to know if your tires are not well aligned. Usually, improper tire alignment causes tires to wear out unevenly, the steering wheel isn’t centered even when driving straight and your car pulling to one side even when driving straight, and many more. When it comes to driving a car safely, proper wheel alignment should not be overlooked at all. If you notice the alignment issues that we are about to discuss further below, then you should take your car right away to a mechanic for a checkup and diagnosing the issue.

When your vehicle pulls to the right or left

If you are driving straight down on a level road, it is believed that the car should drive straight with hands off the steering wheel. But since this is very dangerous, then the car should drive straight with little effort on the steering wheel. But in case the car pulls to the right or left, then you need to take your car for an alignment correction. The mechanic will align the car and enable you to dive straight without the vehicle pulling to any side.

When the steering wheel is off-center when driving straight

In case you’re driving on a level road, your steering wheel should be sitting close to straight. Although, there is normally a small variance allowed depending on the crow of the road you’re driving on. But as a matter of fact, the steering wheel should be centered and straight. Just in case the steering wheel isn’t centered and is off by some degrees to either direction, then an alignment needs to be conducted to center the wheel and better your driving experience.

When there is uneven tire wear

Wear on the tire can say a lot about the car’s condition. Tire wear can enable the mechanic to detect problems such as suspension, tire pressures and alignment issues. If there is wear on the inside of the tires, this might mean an issue with the camber adjustment. While scalloping or feathering of the tires might imply trouble with the toe adjustment. When you have such an issue, it can easily be detected by a mechanic when they carry out a tire rotation or a service or an inspection. Thus, when you discover such tire problems, then you should take your car for alignment.

Steering wheel vibration

Another common issue to note when the car isn’t well aligned is when your steering wheel vibrates. This is normally brought about by the wheels pulling against one another. If you feel the steering wheel or any other part of your car vibrating while driving, then take it to a mechanic for alignment.

Handling of the car feels loose

This is another normal indication of a poorly aligned car. When the steering wheel in your car feels unstable, loose, or even doesn’t hold the road well, then there is a high chance that you’re driving a poorly aligned car. Therefore, in the situation where you feel your car being unstable around corners or is unstable when driving, you should immediately visit a car dealer, garage, or mechanic to make the proper alignment for safe and easy driving.


If you come across one of the above car alignment issues, then you should visit a mechanic to align your car and drive safely. A well-aligned car improves handling, reduces wear on the steering column and helps in the tire rotation. So, instead of letting your car develop further issues, you can take it to the garage or car dealer shop for quick fixing of such issues.


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