Why Does My Car Pull to the Left or Right?

If you notice that your car is pulling to the right or left when driving or applying brakes, then you need to take it to a mechanic for repair. In most cases, the driver can take care of the pulling and drive through it. But this is very dangerous as it can lead to a myriad of issues such as making you lose focus on the road, other parts of the car will wear down, and as well, the cost of repair may also shoot up. Even though it is somehow tricky to single out the cause of your car pulling, we can highlight some of the potential causes of your car pulling as follows:


This is one of the major causes of the vehicle pulling either to the right side or left side. There is a myriad of reasons why your tire might be behaving this way. First, if tires have varying air pressures on every side, they can make a vehicle pull to one side. Secondly, unequal tire wear can cause your car to move to one side of the road. In case this is the state of your tires, get your mechanic to inspect and see whether the tires need a replacement or if the car isn’t well aligned which leads to uneven tire wear. Correct the issue in time and drive safely.


Another main cause of your car pulling to the left or right might be as a result of poor alignment. As you drive, you might hit potholes or even pavements which are the main causes of poor car alignment. This leads to tires and suspension being out of alignment. Thus, in case you notice such an issue, you will be required to take your car to the mechanic for a quick repair. A vehicle that doesn’t have regular alignment may need a regular tire and suspension parts repair and replacement. Also, such a car can easily cause accidents. Therefore, ensure that your car is aligned regularly to avoid such issues.

Suspension parts

Although not very common, suspension parts can as well lead to your pulling to the left or right. It can be the wheel bearings, tire rods, struts and many other suspension parts. These can only be discovered by taking your car to a mechanic for a checkup. The mechanic may diagnose worn-out suspension part(s) and make your car be back in good condition. Suspension parts should be as well checked once in a while when you take your car for a complete check-up.


When your car pulls to the left or right when braking, then it is easier to note that your brakes might be the cause. For instance, when the brake caliper is stuck, your car is going to pull in the direction of the stuck caliper. Also, a broken or cracked brake hose can as well lead to your vehicle pulling to the left or to the right. These and other brake issues might be the cause of the pulling. Simply, pay a visit to your mechanic to check the brakes and rectify the issue quickly before it goes out of hand.


So, next time you notice that your car is pulling to one side, you should stop driving it to avoid all the dangers it might cause you and take it for repair to your mechanic. The issue might be with your tires, suspension parts, alignment and brakes. The earlier you take care of the problem the lower your cost will be. Now, at least you have a clue of what the pulling on the left or right side might be.

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