Why Steering Wheel Shakes?

The joy of any driver is to have a fully functional car. People who use cars on a daily basis understand that regular car service is required to keep the car in good condition. Even with this, keeping the car 100% in great condition seems almost an impossible thing. Your car may develop some unavoidable issues which might need quick inspection and tackling. One of the problems usually faced by motorists is a steering wheel that shakes. Whether it is at low, high, or normal speed, a steering wheel may steel shake. There are various causes to this and the earlier you discover the issue and handle it the better. Below are some of the causes of steering wheel shakes:

Suspension parts

When your car has a lot of suspension parts that are worn out, it may end up causing the steering wheel to shake. This is because they affect the way the tire contacts the road and it leads to poor alignment. Some of the suspension parts include: tie-rod, ball-joint and wheel bearing among other parts. In case they are worn out, new suspension parts should be replaced so that the car functions smoothly and be safe for driving.


Another thing that makes the steering wheel shake is poor or worn-out brakes. Always ensure that the brakes are in good condition. But if not, poor or worn out rotors may cause the steering wheel to shake when brakes are applied as they usually don’t function. Also, check the brake caliper can cause steering shakes. When you notice such a scenario, visit your mechanic to handle the issue right away.

Wheel balance

One of the main reasons why wheels are balanced when tires are replaced and rebalanced every year as they wear is because they are not perfect. A person who drives with unbalanced wheels for a long period of time will make them develop flat spots in the tire, which will in turn make them shake and cause the steering to shake as well. So, proper balancing should be performed so that the wheels remain balanced and don’t make the steering wheel shake as well.


If you have a vehicle that was engaged in an accident, it is important to take it for service and have every part checked and fixed. Normally, the axle gets damaged or bent in the process. When your car is not properly fixed, this may cause the steering and other car parts to shake. These car steering wheels shakes usually change to high with a rise in speed and reduces at low speed. Take the car to a mechanic who can fix these issues instantly.

Engine problems

This is one of the minor and least causes of car steering wheel shakes. Normally, engine problems can show themselves by vibrating the entire car. The steering wheel will be the first part to be felt if your engine has some troubles. Visit a mechanic if you sense such issues so that the car can be diagnosed and run smoothly once more without a shaky steering wheel.


Are you afraid that your shaky steering wheel might get you in trouble? Worry no more as the above reasons might help you diagnose your car quickly and drive safely. Having a basic knowledge of a car and how to repair some parts is very important. For instance, you can be able to tell the reason behind the shaking of your steering wheel. If you can, diagnose the minor issues but if you find it complicated such as an issue with the engine, visit the mechanic for repair. And when some parts are worn out such as the brakes or rotor, buy new parts and get them replaced.

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