18 Wheel Angels

18 Wheel Angels

18 Wheel Angels is an all volunteer program in which truck drivers volunteer their time and resources to help locate missing loved ones.

Target Media Partners Target Media Partners works with Project Jason to provide additional assistance for families of the missing by publishing the photos and information for each featured campaign in their monthly magazines, Through the Gears, TruckJobSeekers, and Independent Contractor. These publications have a circulation of 150,000, and can be found at truckstops and other businesses nationwide.

18 Wheel Angels FAQ:

What is an 18 Wheel Angel?

An 18 Wheel Angel is a compassionate person, who, while traveling the highways, helps to locate missing loved ones by placing posters of them along the way.

What would I need to do?

Project Jason, the sponsor organization, will feature a printable poster of a missing person on their web site, which changes weekly. 18 Wheel Angels come to this web site page and print posters of the missing person to take on their next trip and post in businesses along their route.

What is Required of me to be an 18 Wheel Angel?

Participating drivers need access to a computer, printer, E-mail, and the Internet. Drivers are encouraged to print 5 or more posters to distribute on their route.

Why should I become an 18 Wheel Angel?

The potential for success of the program is unlimited. Remember, the key to resolution in these cases is public awareness. With over 105,000 active missing person cases in the U.S., these families need your help. The poster that you lovingly place may be the one that reunites a family!

Do I need to be a truck driver to particpate in 18 Wheel Angels program?

No, anyone can help!

How do I get started?

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Below are the Missing Person Campaign Statistics. Click on the Missing Person’s name to download the current poster. You can also search by Person’s Name, Full Name of the State Missing or you can sort the list by clicking on the column header names.

Name Size Hits
Name Size Hits
Achermann, Peter 860
Alexander, Marilyn 967
Alford, Patrick 740
Allen, Anthony 1335
Allen, Sabrina 1236
Andersen, Jennifer 898
Barnard, Ahren 1019
Benton, Joseph 1051
Berg, Kayla 905
Biggers, Pam 891
Brewer, Katie 850
Brougham, Mickey 766
Bruce, Dana 654
Campbell, Elizabeth Ann 1114
Caravallo, Gilbert 829
1 2 3 9

Feel free to write to us with any questions, or sign up for the program at 18WheelAngels@projectjason.org Bookmark this page and check back for new campaigns. Campaigns run weekly.