Jason’s Birthday Campaign

June 13, 2013 marked twelve years since the mysterious and tragic disappearance of Jason Jolkowski, the namesake of our organization. His 32nd birthday is June 24th.

Jason's 32nd Birthday CampaignIn honor of Jason, his birthday and his generous spirit, we have launched a fundraising campaign. The birthday present image you see on this page will be used to show our progress toward the goal of raising $5,000 by October 6th, the 10th anniversary of Project Jason.

You will find a quick reference to Project Jason’s accomplishments and information about how we utilize donations by continuing to scroll down in this thread.

Please feel free to forward this information to help us reach every supporter possible.

What follows is a letter written by Jason’s mother, Kelly, marking this sad occasion:


Dear Jason,

It’s now been twelve very long years since we were privileged to be with you. It seems so hard to believe. I don’t know that I can comprehend the enormity of this event and put into words how difficult it is to have lived without knowing what has become of you.

In twelve years, so many life changes can happen. For example, your little brother graduated from high school, joined the National Guard, served in Afghanistan for a year, and is now engaged to be married next year. It would be so wonderful if you were here with us for that event.

In twelve years, unless you have been robbed of your life, I’m sure many changes have occurred for you as well. I’d love to share in those and remain hopeful that you are still with us. I realize that anything is possible, and you may not be able to, of your own free will, make it back home.

Recently, a new age progression photo was created for you. It shows what you might look like today. What a strange world we live in when we have to see a child grow up within a fake photograph. Oh, what I would give for a real one, but better yet, to see your brilliant smile in person, hear your laugh, and feel your arms around me.

Jason, I feel like I have cried so many tears for you that it could create an entire river, one that gained momentum, chiseling through rock and eroding away the plants at the bank, ripping them out by the root and nothing escaped the torrent. Those of us with a loved one missing know that like the newly created river, the wake leaves everything, every moment, every person, impacted.

The only thing we could not have predicted is the good that has come from your disappearance. While I would give anything to have you back, that is not in my control, just like the river. But the river, despite its harsh beginnings, gave rise to new life. Fish now jump in the waters and frogs sing along the banks. New plants sprang up along the banks and trees grew, providing shade and sustenance to the birds who graced the branches and the deer who graze upon the vegetation on the ground below.

And a new organization, your namesake, was born.

While much has been accomplished in the 10 years Project Jason has served other families, it is not without its growing pains. There is apathy to the plight of the missing and a lack of understanding of the trauma faced by the effected families. They too, cry rivers of tears. Their lives have been turned upside down and everything that was normal has been uprooted and taken away.

Jason, your 32nd birthday is fast approaching. I know you would want us to continue on with this very important work, so in honor of that day, we are launching this birthday campaign. We know you would wholeheartedly approve of any means that allows us to continue to provide hope and guidance to these suffering families, with the end goal of reuniting them with their loved ones. With the help of people who care, we can ensure our river of hope provides sustenance to the families we serve and a gentle, guiding hand, like the protective shade of the riverbank trees.

Someday, somewhere, I will see you again, Jason. I have confidence in that. There is always hope, hope for answers, resolution, and for a bright future.

Love transcends all space and time, and my love for you will always be, no matter how and where the river of life flows.

Love always,

Jason’s Birthday Campaign begins on June 13, 2013, the twelve year mark of his disappearance. June 24th is Jason’s 32nd birthday, and October 6 is the ten year anniversary of the founding of Project Jason. Suggested donation amounts include $10, $12, $13, $24, and $32. Supporters who can afford more can combine amounts or give whatever amount they’re moved to provide.

To help us help the families of the missing, mail their donation to:

Project Jason
PO Box 11275
Yakima, WA 98909

OR go to our website, projectjason.org, and click on either the PayPal or Network for Good button at the bottom of the page under “How You Can Help“.

We’ll also show the progress towards the October goal on the “birthday present” image shown on the main page of our website.

Also, if you’d like, we’ll send you an image you can display on any website or social media site that shows you supported the campaign. In addition, if you let us know you want your name to be on a public list of Birthday Campaign donors on our site, we’ll gladly add it.

What does Project Jason do with your donation?

Project Jason is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization and does not utilize paid fundraisers or other employees. There is no overhead as the volunteers work out of their homes. Every effort is made to stretch each dollar to the fullest.

Ongoing costs include monthly telephone and long distance, website space and domain names, PO box, paper, ink, postage, and related office supplies, poster, ID kits, and brochure printing costs, and fees to keep IRS documentation current. Our largest expense is for our annual Keys to Healing retreat, the world’s only coping skills retreat for families of both missing adults and children.

Families of the missing are never charged for any of our services. Previous funding has also allowed us to ensure that staff who work directly with the families of the missing have had the proper training to provide appropriate support and services to those whom we serve.

Future funding will enable us to continue to add new awareness programs to aid in the location of missing persons. It will ensure we are able to obtain the tools and technology necessary to begin and maintain these programs. Funding, both private and corporate, is needed to be able to continue our annual retreat.

If you have any questions about donations, sponsorships, or the organization, please email us at information@projectjason.org

All donations are tax deductible. Project Jason is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization.

Project Jason Quick Facts

Did you know that……

Project Jason has distributed more than 16,800 personal ID kits, including a Spanish translation?

As of 06/12/2013, Project Jason has facilitated the distribution of more than 239,785 posters nationwide through their various poster campaigns?

Project Jason has mentored several volunteers to action and passed legislation in 9 states that positively affect missing persons cases?

Project Jason has served over 1,000 families since their inception in 2003?

Project Jason hosts an annual coping skills retreat for families of the missing?

Project Jason, in partnership with Target Media, places information about 4 missing persons each month in national trucking magazines which have circulations of 150,000 each?

Project Jason has had a direct impact in the location of numerous missing persons, including a teen missing for 2 years, a sister missing for 7, and a son missing for 14?

Project Jason is the first and only assistance organization to offer free, professional counseling online with one of the nation’s leading counselors?

Project Jason was the first nonprofit of its type to open an office in the popular virtual world, Second Life, bringing the cause of the missing to a new audience, telling the stories of the missing in an intimate and intriguing style?

We are depending on your generosity to help us continue our work, the work done in Jason’s name.