Family Member Information Forum

Project Jason's Family Member Forum

Often, families of the missing feel as if they’ve been left alone. They also aren’t automatically provided with information that could be critical to resolving the case.

Unfortunately, when someone is missing, no one hands you a manual and tells you how you might be feeling, what is normal in this unique situation, or what you should do.



The Project Jason Family Information Forum is designed to alleviate those feelings by providing a place for you to learn about the various aspects of the search for your missing loved one, including self-help.

The family member information forum is a private forum reserved only for those who have registered their missing persons cases with Project Jason. In this forum, members can read a variety of documents that will aid them in the search for their missing loved one.

These topics include self-help, finding a counselor, DNA submissions,  fingerprints and dental records, reward funds,  working with the media, protecting the case integrity and yourself, and more.

Family members of missing persons will learn that despite the difficulties faced, they can empower themselves with knowledge and self-understanding.

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