Healing Harbor

Healing Harbor

What is Healing Harbor?

Healing Harbor Online Counseling is a free service provided to families of the missing by nonprofit organization Project Jason and Duane Bowers, LPC. It is is the only free online counseling service for families of the missing. One of the nation’s most respected and knowledgeable counselors in the area of the emotional needs of families of the missing, Duane Bowers, provides answers and assistance via our private forum.

We are pleased to be able to offer this service to you. Families of the missing suffer a unique tragedy, one with which many professionals do not have the training or experience to be able to properly service their clients. In addition, many families do not have the financial means to seek professional counseling. Duane is one of the nation’s most qualified counselors in regards to issues faced by these families, and we are honored to have him with us to answer your questions.

Healing Harbor can provide answers and assistance on a variety of emotional issues that effect family members of missing persons. This assistance may provide the boost needed for that family member to deal with and adapt to the situation without seeking counseling, but do keep in mind that Healing Harbor should not be viewed as a substitute for individual, private counseling as needed.

Families of the missing who elect to participate in Healing Harbor are invited to post their question to Duane on our private Family Member Forum area. These questions may cover any topic of interest in respect to emotional issues that relate to having a missing person in their life.

Only family members of missing persons who have registered their missing loved one with us can participate. If you are a family member of a missing person, and would like to take advantage of this service, please contact us and we will set you up for access to Healing Harbor. Email us.


Project Jason Mission Statement

“Our mission as a non profit organization is to create and increase public awareness of missing people through a variety of outreach and educational activities. Project Jason seeks to bring hope and assistance to families of the missing by providing resources and support.”